From grills and buffets to flatscreen TVs, everything at College Football tailgates have been taken to the next level. Everything except the foldable chair, that is.
So Coors Light took it upon themselves to create the perfect tailgating seat: The Chill Throne® The only chair with features designed and meticulously optimized for the chillest tailgating experience.
Unfortunately for anyone looking to buy, the Chill Throne sold out in under 5 minutes.
Role: Art Director
What about the features?
1. Foldability for portability, so you can take it from one tailgate to another.
2. A cup holder that chills your Coors Light to the perfect 36-degrees.
3. A beer can tap so you can pour your fellow fans a cold one.
4. Built-in cooler to keep the mountains blue all game day long.
5. Back massager to work out those pre-game jitters.
6. A seat warmer to warm your buns late in the season.
7. Supple leather that’s weather and beer proof.
8. Bluetooth speakers so you can get the whole tailgate hyped.
9. A foot-rest made out of authentic stadium turf.
10. Iced-marble table top to enjoy whatever the buffet has to offer.
11. And a wireless phone charging station.
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People even started reselling them...
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