develop a line-up of new products that appeals to a new generation of 
beverage consumers that deliver to their needs and beliefs

long gaming sessions require energy 
sugary drinks are the go-to for gen-z which results in crashes

we create an energy drink alternative that is 
healthy but most importantly crash-free
the bottle has a push to insert flavour function to mimic button mashing in gaming
to get the word out, we create a Crash-Free Network for everyone 
just by texting a number on your phone. 
consumers can access the code through youtube and twitch pre-roll
we collaborate with Cineplex and rec-room to create 
CRASH ARCADE an experience for the consumers 
where gen-z gamers can come together to enjoy crash free culture
the retro arcade games will come to life when LvL^ bottle caps are inserted
ad: alandra monette, lorenn irma, ted pedro
cw: max taylor 
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